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1 December 2018

MZS took part in the Masters’ Games 2018. 

This is an education project of the Moscow State University Faculty of Law taking a form of a competition among the teams of students coached by renowned practitioners.   

Short-listed students are randomly split into teams which work for two months on the tasks proposed by their coaches coming from the leading law firms and major companies’ law departments. The results are assessed by a panel of experts. The winners are awarded with a traineeship.

MZS team was led by Anton Aleksandrov with support from Kirill Udovichenko and Dmitry Andreev.

The team looked into the regulations, theory and court practice relating to cancellation of the banking licenses by the Bank of Russia, as well as bankruptcy of credit institutions. They considered the most remarkable examples of opposing the Bank of Russia in courts, searched for and developed various solutions for the set tasks.

Their work resulted in an oral report for the panel of experts, drafts of the resolution of the Russian Supreme Court Plenum “On certain issues of application of the legislation on banks and banking operations” and the article “Inefficiency of court control as regards bank license cancellation and bank bankruptcy”.