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Additional Services


In the face of challenging economic conditions, insolvency has become a serious issue. In Russia, businesses face the added challenge of dealing with the frequently changing laws and procedures relating to insolvency.

Our firm is very experienced, having represented several leading Western corporations, including Coca-Cola and J P Morgan International Bank, against Russian banks. We have also advised clients including EBRD, BBVA, National Bank of Kazakhstan and the State Venture Fund of Iceland on Russian bankruptcy proceedings.


We provide a range of professional services in structuring employer/employee relations, preparing the necessary documentation - both standard and bespoke.

We draw up collective labour agreements, and help put legal controls and accountability mechanisms in place for individuals. For example, we regularly provide advice where executives have not adequately performed the duties specified in their contract.

We advise government employees working for various public structures and institutions on particularly complex aspects of labour law - ensuring that the workers are aware of the powers at their disposal.

We also advise on other employment-related issues, from downsizing and incentive packages to stimulate productivity; to issues involving employees who have developed their own intellectual products in the course of their salaried day-to-day work.

We also help with obtaining working permits for non-Russian nationals coming to work in Russia.

Legal Services for Individuals 

We offer discreet high-quality advice to individuals – helping to solve problems such as establishing ‘transparency’ of personal income for tax purposes and carefully taking care of all the related paperwork as well as assisting with utilizing rights provided by securities and, generally, with asset management.

Other services we offer include family law, inheritance and pre-nuptial agreements.

White-collar Crime 

Our white-collar criminal law practice includes some of the best minds in the profession - able to work seamlessly with MZS colleagues in other sectors and practice areas whenever their services are required.